What should you know about Google Search Console?

What is Google Search Console and what is it for?

Google Search Console is a tool that allows SEO and Webmaster technicians to monitor statistics and information directly from the search engines. All this information is used to optimize the page, locate errors, problems, disallow toxic links and remove low value pages from Google through the GSC control center. It also allows you to index pages, submit the “sitemap.xml” and check if Google is penalizing you for any practice considered “Black Hat”.

How do I add a property to Google Search Console?

The following steps are focused on a correct configuration of the account in order to correctly index the web page to the Google directory, to monitor the visibility performance and control possible errors that may arise.

  1. Add the Property to Google Search Console

    First of all, through a Gmail account. You have to add the domain or a specific URL in one of the configuration mode depending on the needs of the project.

  2. Verify the ownership of the Domain

    Once the property is added, the account ownership has to be verified by registering a TXT code in the DNS settings of the website. This record is located in the domain’s CPanel.configuración Google Search Console

  3. Register TXT code in the DNS settings

    Accessing from CPanel in the section “DNS Zone Editor”, you have to look for the domain to be registered in GSC and click on “Manage”.registrat codigo txt en google search console

  4. Add Code provided by Google Search Console

    Then, you have to click on add record, put the domain name, the record type: “txt” and finally paste the GSC code.registro código txt en el dns

Google Search Console Tutorial

Once you have registered and verified the ownership of the domain or website. This tool offers a series of essential applications for the correct indexation and SEO optimization. The priority if you want Google to start crawling and indexing the page, is to generate a dynamic sitemap using plugins. We especially recommend “yoast by SEO”, in case you work with WordPress, since it is a fast, easily configurable and effective option. In Prestashop, we recommend installing the Google Search Console module and finally in other content managers, we recommend generating “sitemap” manually with some tool (Prositemaps).

Send Sitemap.xml to Google

Once the account is registered, you will enter the GSC control panel and in the “index” section, you will click on the sub-section called “sitemaps”. Where in this section you will specify the unique URL of the sitemap and once sent, if this xml file is well configured, Google will put that the sitemap is correct.

On the other hand, we also recommend sending all the Sitemaps of the domain. Such as the sitemap of the block entries, static pages, categories or products in order to facilitate crawling and indexing.

  • Generic Sitemap: domain.com/sitemap_index.xml
  • Sitemap of Posts: domain.com/post-sitemap.xml
  • Sitemap Pages: domain.com/page-sitemap.xml

Analyze visibility performance metrics

One of the great features of the Google Search Console from a Search Engine Optimization perspective. This means that the performance of the page in Google’s search results can be analysed. It also provides many other useful information such as the keywords that Google is printing, in which countries the page is being positioned, the main landing pages of the web, among other metrics that can help improve organic positioning.

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