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"Information, knowledge and visibility are the power"

SEO Onpage

The importance of constant optimization of on-page SEO factors is vital to boost visibility, attract quality visitors, attract new customers and maintain positions with respect to your competition.

SEO Tools

In any digital strategy, working without data means moving forward without a direction. Using accurate tools, processing the data to obtain reliable information and extracting the fundamental knowledge from each project is vital for making any business dynamic.

SEO Offpage

Variables that cannot be controlled, such as off-page factors, influence search engine optimization. Using a good linkbuilding strategy, acting as a "Guest Post", sending press releases and carrying out other actions can enhance the visibility and authority of a website

Digital Consultant

Knows the importance of consulting and studying the environment where a company operates, to define an optimal digital strategy to achieve its objectives.


It is important to periodically audit a website in detail, analyze the sector in which it operates and its competitive environment to develop an optimal strategy for organic positioning and carry out priority SEO actions at the page level.

SEO Onpage Implementation

Know the importance of the constant SEO optimization at the page level. Actions focused on improving the structure, html5 code, content, loading speed and many other improvements to increase page rank and visibility in search engines.

SEO Offpage Strategy

In SEO or in the professional world, a game of chess is played where success is only within the reach of those who play and execute each step correctly. And even though off-page factors depend on external variables, you have to do what you can to make them work for you.

SEOhills Tool

Analyze the main factors at the page level of any website with our free Onpage SEO tool. An application that will show you if the main requirements of Google’s guidelines are being implemented correctly.

Marketing Content

The correct information structure of any web page is vital to be well seen in the eyes of Google and other search engines. The quality and originality of the contents, the organization, using the right semantics and implementing a good “Interlinking” strategy is essential to climb SEO positions.

Websites focused on SEO

In the world of websites, every factor is key and vital to success. Graphic design, functionality, user experience, communication, content, among others. Although a fundamental pillar that every project must consider is the strategy, architecture, distribution and correct implementation of information from a SEO point of view.

In such a competitive and global world, if you are not visible you are nobody.

Social Media Actions

The digital influence on social networks is of real importance today. It is another SEO positioning factor that Google uses to position websites and a fantastic communication channel. Working on content, using the right social channels and using consistent communication, benefits positioning, web visibility and allows for the creation of a solid brand image.


Every business, project or entity for any purpose has a duty or obligation to adapt. In such a changing global environment, it is vital to operate in the digital realm in order to be visible and competitive.

“Digital innovation as a reason for being”

We want to help your company grow

“The goal of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service stays with them and sells itself.”

We specialize in developing and implementing digital strategies for different business models such as Ecommerce, B2B and B2C.

At Seohills we develop comprehensive strategies for any digital ecosystem. We want to provide knowledge of SEO and SEM positioning in Catalonia, specifically in:

  • SEO Consulting and Auditing
  • Study of the market, its competitive environment and key words
  • Web architecture, indexing, onpage SEO implementation, offpage SEO actions and Content Marketing
  • Positioning in Baidu, Yandex, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Positioning in Amazon and market places.
  • Maintenance SEO / Analytical Dashboard and organic positioning.